Building a Strong Functional Testing Plan, Why is it Critical?

What is a functional testing plan?

The quality of the functional components of an application or system is measured by a functional test plan. The application is tested from a customers’ point of view. It makes sure whether the application is in line with the business requirements.

Following are the five steps required to build a strong functional testing plan:

1. Understanding the value of the audience: When a functional test plan is being created, the non-technical audience should also be taken into viewpoint. Therefore, the final document must not include references to underlying programming languages. When it comes to the author, it should be a person who has a good understanding and knowledge of the business requirements. The functional test plan should not be composed by application developers. But, again this depends upon the project scope.

There are six distinct sections in a functional test plan:

3.1: Update history: All the names, dates and update descriptions to the document are listed in this section.


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Bethany Wilson

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