Top Automation Testing Trends To Look For In 2022

Following are the top six automation testing trends to look for in 2022:

1. High-end issues will be solved by advanced tools:

Through the test automation platform, real problems will be solved amicably, like changing XPaths in Selenium tests. Element definitions to changing code can be partially adapted through multi-attribute selectors. The ID-based test automation systems are limited and hence can be worked upon appropriately.

2. The significance of decentralization:

The notion of “access to anywhere from everywhere”, resembles with ‘decentralization.’ Teams will be able to work from different locations as more centralized testing platforms will come into fruition, while ensuring that the test infrastructure has full access. The focus will be on managed resources, central reporting portals, central repositories etc. “Offline models” can be used in line with the testing platform.

3. The emergence of visual test:

Visual test will emerge as a popular and in-demand type of testing. Compared to ID/X-Path based testing, virtual test is far more versatile and can be easily copied with underlying technology changes. Visual test is considered to be popular and in demand and also will open avenues for interactive visual test, such as using images and text only for conducting functional test. Through this, a lot of problems can be fixed.

4. The inclusion of AI-powered testing:

AI-powered test automation will dominate the test automation domain in the near future. Teams will be allowed to leverage machine learning capabilities and Artificial Intelligence (AI) so that the testing process can be automated and provides a way for efficient test asset management. Automated test planning will be driven by analytics-based algorithms with in-built traceability, which in turn makes sure that there is good coverage as well as upkeep and low maintenance.

5. Codeless testing will evolve:

Automation testing will witness the evolution of codeless testing. According to research, the market for codeless tests will grow exponentially post 2021. It is estimated to reach at an overall valuation of $1.5 billion and steadily grow at a CAGR of 15.5% between the years 2021 and 2031. Automated tests can be created by testers without writing even a single line of code, which will in turn help teams to empower and thus leverage advanced test scripts, regardless of how skilled they are.

6. The advancement of CI/CD pipelines:

CI/CD pipelines will boost the process of automation testing and thus accelerate its activities to an all-new level. In current scenarios, where testers have to strive hard to meet the testing process requirements, AI technology will be used by CI/CD pipelines to deliver the computing power and hardware resources needed to drive productive testing outcomes.

In conclusion

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