What is Selenium: Definition, How it Works, and Why You Need it?

What is Selenium?

It is an open-source test automation tool that is exclusively used for testing web applications. Selenium test scripts can be written in popular programming languages such as C#, Python, Perl, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby. Java etc. Selenium testing also supports various operating systems and browsers. Test cycles can be delivered faster by testers by automating repeated test cases. CI/CD pipeline can also be integrated with selenium for a bug-free release deployment pipeline.

How does Selenium testing work?

Following are seven simple steps that depict how selenium works:

1. Use a programming language to create tests: JavaScript can be used as it is best suited for selenium tool because it comes with lots of add-ons and tools. However, depending upon the project and team requirements, other programming languages that support selenium can also be used effectively.

The need for selenium testing:

It boosts the performance of agile development:

Right from the early stages of software development, QAs are involved to run a series of acceptance and unit tests on modules. On every iteration, integration tests are conducted to make sure that the coded modules that are separate, do not break when it is put together. Regression tests are required for every new iteration so that the previous working iteration is not broken. Proper tracking of test cases as well as code is essential so that all the iterations are properly documented. This continuous testing is much required to match with the iterative development of agile.


If you are looking forward to implementing Selenium testing for your specific project, then do get connected with a professionally renowned software testing services company that will provide you comprehensive testing roadmap in line with your specific testing requirements.



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