Why Has It Become Crucial For The Web Application To Undergo Regression Testing?

  • The web application contains both static and dynamic pages. And it is essential to run regression testing on both to ensure the quality of the website. Structural quality, content, timeliness, accuracy, response, performance, security, usability, etc. are very important for a quality website. All these concerns can be addressed by running regression testing.
  • With the sudden surge in e-commerce websites and other online applications coming up there is a lot of dynamic content and dynamic request. For this application server has to do processing in the database to create an appropriate response. This calls for the need for regression testing.
  • Web Applications are more prone to rapid changes and every time a new feature is added regression testing helps in verifying that code change in the software does not affect the existing code and the functionality of the product.
  • Regression tests are run at every stage of SDLC and thus it ensures the quality of the product is maintained. It makes the product free from all errors and defects by detecting all possible bugs that might have unknowingly occurred during the development of a product
  • When the software code base is vast and many test cases need to be executed for regression testing, automated regression testing saves valuable time, effort, and money that would otherwise be expended on manual testing. It helps in saving time and efforts by automating and reusing the test cases.
  • In a few hours, Automated Regression Testing reports any errors easily, which would otherwise take days if manually checked.
  • Automated Regression Tests make sure no small features are missed thus ensuring the quality of the product.




Hi, this is Bethany. I’m working as Senior Software QA Tester with TestingXperts.

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Bethany Wilson

Bethany Wilson

Hi, this is Bethany. I’m working as Senior Software QA Tester with TestingXperts.

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