Building Test Automation Framework using Selenium and TestNG

The need to adopt an automation framework:

An Organization’s way of doing things is defined by a framework. A proper standard is provided by the test automation framework in order to simplify the automation effort. The end result is a reduction in maintenance costs and software testing costs.

Selenium Automation Framework

Selenium automation framework:

Selenium WebDriver is focused on creating mainly three types of frameworks namely data-driven test framework, keyword-driven test framework and Hybrid test framework in order to automate manual test cases.

Components of Selenium Automation Framework

Components of Selenium automation framework:

TestNG is a testing framework that is inspired by NUnit and JUnit and ensures that new functionality is introduced that in fact makes it easier to use. By using TestNG annotations, a TestNG test case is built. There can be multiple test cases with each testing class, but, the distribution of test cases is done on the basis of the package on application modules.

Page Object Model (POM)

The relevance of Page Object Model (POM):

Application-specific reusable methods are contained in the business components through which the building block is formed of our automation test scripts. Several Java files are formed by breaking down the business components. Based on the application module, a business method is contained in each java file that is specific to the location.


The inclusion of TestNG XML:

The TestNG XML file forms the core of the automation framework, through which the test classes are executed as specified in the XML file. Controlling and planning can be done through this XML file. TestNg.xml file is used to drive this framework, which contains the test suite details. A bunch of TestNG classes is contained in a test suite and there are multiple test cases available with each testNg.


If you are looking forward to implementing a test automation framework for your specific project, then do get connected with a top-notch software testing services company that will provide you with a viable testing framework in line with your project requirements.



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